Yunna the LynxEditEdit

Full Name:Yunna Akashi Aoki.





Clothes:School basketball uniform.

Favorite Food:Tofu.

Favorite Color:Brown.

Favorite Song:Like a G6 by Far East Movement ft Dev.

Favorite Tv Show:Total Sonic.

Favorite Sports:Basketball and Volleyball.

Favorite Book:Swindle.

Favorite Movie:Swindle.

Favorite Video Game:Call of Duty:Black Ops.


Birthday:April 18.

Theme Song:Freedom by Nicki Minaj.

Voice Actress:Amber Cutton (2013)

Seiyu:Yui Horie (2013)


Love Interest:Blake.

Relationship:Blake (partner)

Friends:Her class,Blake,Hanna,Anja and Onychinus.

Rivals:Destiny and Morpheus.

Enemies:Kannada,Nara and Ayaka.

Abilities:Sports pro.dancing and acting.

Special Ability:Having made a Pactio with Blake,Yunna can turn into one of three forms.



Cosplay:Basketball player wearing a belt surrounded by basketballs. And a staff with a broom's head on one end and a red white and blue ball on the other end.

Armor:Also a basketball player,but with rocket boosters on her shoulders and a mechanical ball in her hands.

Weaknesses:Plastic,Bugs and Sports.

Personality:Easy-going.laid-back,cool, but with a darker demeanor on the inside. Prone to jealous and clingy.

Likes:Everything in friends and rivals,plus guns and World War Two fun facts.

Dislikes:Everything in enemies and weaknesses except sports.

Ability Type:Agility:Suka. Support:Cosplay. Speed:Armor.

Hair Color:Brown.

Hair Style:Messy with a short pig tail on the right side.

Fur Color:Peach.

Eye Color:Brown.

Height:5' 9"


Apperance:Although her hair is purely brown,under certain lighting conditions,it looks black.

Sexual Prefernce:Straight.

Super Forms:None.

Teams:Mahor Basketball Team.

Number of Video Game Appearances:0.

Other Info:She is nearly obsessed with anything gun or World War Two,so much that she has mini figurines of the World War Two forces and she also likes to stalk Hanna because of Hanna's gun collection.


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