Yolei the FerretEditEdit

Full Name:Yolei Sasaki Miyako.





Clothes:School uniform:In school. Pink crop top,pink jeans and pink sneakers.

Favorite Food:French Fries.

Favorite Color:Pink.

Favorite Song:I Got a Boy by Girls Generation

Favorite T.V. Show:Anything on the sports channels.

Favorite Sport:Volleyball,Gymnastics.

Favorite Book:She doesn't like to read.

Favorite Movie:Power Rangers the Movie.

Favorite Video Game:Tamagatchi.


Birthday:May 4.

Theme Song:One of mine;Bend Bend Bend.

Voice Actress:Kate Oxley (2013)

Seiyu:Mika Doi (2013)



Love Interest:Blake.

Relationship:Blake (Partner)

Friends:Laura;Sometimes,Blake,Destiny,Anja,Hannah and Onychinus.

Rivals:Sana and Amy.


Abilities:Gymnastics and singing.

Special Abilities:Thanks to a contract with Blake,Yolei can turn into one of three forms.



Cosplay:Dressed in a cute magical girl dress, she wields a star wand and a heart-decorated hula hoop.The wand lets her use minor magic and the hoop lets her bind enemies.

Armor;Dressed in a leotard and equipped with a ribbon.She is able to bend and stretch freely into any shape and the ribbon lets her hypnotize foes.

Weaknesses:Plastic,Rain and Laura.

Personality:Airheaded,easily uspet and very very energetic.

Likes:Hanging out,Training,Dancing and telling jokes.

Dislikes:Being picked on,when Laura puts her down and when she's ignored.

Ability Type:Suka;Agility,Cosplay:Support,Armor:Support.

Hair Color:Pink.

Hair Style:Neck-length and slightly curly.

Fur Color:Peach.

Eye Color:Yellow.

Height:3' 12"

Weight:68 lbs.

Appearance:She has a very cute face.

Sexual Preference:Straight.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:1.

Video Game Appearance:

Gymnastics Land:Main character.

Other Info:She is a very talented gymnast and excellent at beginner's magic.


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