SFCW Announcement Photo

Announcement 1

As you can see,i have made an announcement banner,It's meant to be used only by the admins when making an important announcement,Any use by a regular user will result in said banner getting removed from where it was placed,and said user will get a warning.

Also,I'm open for banner requests,Just send me a comment on how you want the banner to look like,I'm sending you a reply to let you know that i'm gonna be working on it,But there is ONE RULE that must be followed,Don't request a banner themed after Sonic Boom,We don't talk about Sonic Boom.

tl;dr:Use this announcement banner responsibly,You can request me a banner as long as it follows the criteria i mentioned

Announcement 2

A roleplay will be starting soon,However,here are some things that need to be clarified.

1. It will take place in a custom universe,The timeline placement will be decades after the Eggman Empire has been defeated once and for all (Don't worry,There will be a Neo Eggman Empire filling the role as the villain faction,And no,Neo Metal Sonic/Bootleg T-1000 (What? Both of them shapeshift the same way.) won't lead it,It would be too obvious.)

2.It is possible to turn Super without the Chaos Emeralds (Unfortunately,i'm not telling you how it will be done,I'm keeping it a surprise c:)

3.Multiple factions are allowed,as long as they aren't historically infamous IRL.

4.If any of your characters dies,Deal with it.

5.Again,Don't talk about Sonic Boom (Yep,I did it,I made two separate rules identical,Its obvious what movie i was refferencing by doing this,Hint:The main protagonist joins a group of nihilists that engage in fist fights with eachother,I'm not gonna spoil it.)

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