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  • AgentSonic2

    If anyone is reading this,i don't feel like rewriting it (thanks to the database being a knob.),Here is the tl;dr for you all.

    'Emerald in the Edge will start in Septembe'r 29th 2017.

    And the logos are done,you can click this,or if you are too lazy,you can check the smol gallery below.

    Anyway,that's all folks,and sorry for the short as fudge announcement,blame the database being unpredictable.

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  • AgentSonic2

    I'm well aware that what was meant to be a 1 week stay lasted a month.

    However,I finally know when will i return home.

    I'm gonna return home this monday,Expect me to be offline for a while as i'll be on the road at the time,Once i'll be back home for real,i'm gonna be editing this blog post.

    Now,The roleplay will contain the following:

    • A dark story (Considering that war is horrifying IRL,this is why.)
    • Refferences to Sonic,Dragon Ball (Some Sonic fans point out that several characters and objects in the Sonic series are similar to characters and objects seen in Dragon Ball,Heck,The Sonic 06 script outright states that Silver is the Sonic equivalent of Future Trunks,Just if anyone is confused,The script was obviously written before Super,Only dif…
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  • AgentSonic2

    UR:Confirms 1

    August 21, 2017 by AgentSonic2

    Today,i'm gonna confirm some things about the roleplay. First of all,The second protagonist is female.

    Second of all,The reason why i didn't make her page yet was because i'm unable to decide what name should i give her.

    Reason:Trying to avoid being unknowingly racist (Excerpt from the Wiki Rules section about Roleplay "9.If there is an character who is from a different region, make sure the character sticks to where they came from.",Considering that the roleplay takes place on Earth,Gotta avoid racism! And yes,i'm aware that the NSF doesn't tolerate Eggman Empire Sympathizers that aren't traitors,The NSF's reason why is justified,See the page to find out why.)

    I'm gonna update this page once the name has been decided.

    EDIT 1:i was wrong,still …

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  • AgentSonic2

    From all the votes i recieved (technically one ._.),It was decided that those two vandalists shall be blocked forever,But unfortunately,Wikia won't allow me to block them for an infinite ammount of time (I tried,it said invalid time),So,i opted for the maximum ammount of 9's the site allowed me to use (9999 years.)

    As of tomorrow,i will be going for a week long visit,and the place i'm visiting has slow internet,so,i won't edit as fast as usual,at least,for a week,When i reach said place tomorrow (Between my home,and said place i'll be visiting for a week,its just a road trip that lasts a few hours.),i'm gonna make a blogpost,Until then,you can post your requests to join the Upcoming Roleplay (Anyone can join said roleplay,as long as they re…

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  • AgentSonic2

    I have taken action,and banned them.

    And yes,i'm well aware that their ban time is over 9000.

    Do not bring up "The Argument",please. I know that i am hypocritical at this moment,But i blocked them for a ridiculous time for a reason.

    I have banned them for this long to prevent them from ever vandalizing the wikia ever again.


    Disclaimer:INSIGHTS!!!1!! http://…

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