• ...Okay. Just... No.

    First off: what the fack did I just read? A 10 year old's rant to not getting an ice cream cone? Seriously, the fack is your problem?

    Second: judging from the grammar in the profile AND the reaction to your banning, I say you are at a young age, and probably need to wait another couple of years before coming back and grow up >.>

    Third: For Fack Sake, the admins are doing their freaking jobs as Admins. They aren't corrupt, they aren't freaking terrible, and they aren't retarded. They are normal people who are trying to do their non-paid jobs, for the sake of their communites. If you aren't going to respect that, then I guess it's best for you to stay at this cringe-hole you created. I swear to god, if I hear one more facking rant about the "Corrupt Admins", even the TSG's savagery will be better than what I will say. .w.

    Fourth: This fanfic of yours, "Admins: The Movie Sage.." Good, Freaking, Lord, why does this thing even exist? It's bad enough I have to deal with the Heroes Destiny Bullsh*t over at Nicks Fanon Wiki, now I have to take a look at this monstrousity you created. For the love of Randomness, this almost makes Heroes Destiny look slightly better... Almost. Oh, and one thing: Making Iron Minerzone the villian of your little school play is an example of pure butthurt. Like I said before: He is doing his freaking job as an Admin to enforce the rules of the Wiki (Which quite honestly the rules aren't even bad for both wikis). If you got banned for an entire Century because you decided to not follow the freaking rules of the freaking wiki: Then that's on you, no one was corrupt, you decided to disobey the rules, and now you have to face the consequences of your actions. Seriously, stop acting like a little child and grow up. -.-'

    Welp, that's my rant on ya. Weither you learn something from it or don't, or if you manage to see this or not, I honestly give less of a shet about it, as I have to deal with this kind of crap on a daily basis (A Century-lasting Ban is far better than suffering from the bullshatery of others). 

    Oh, and one more thing. If you were to Delete this, or happen to Ban me from the Wiki, then you will be no better than the "corrupted admins" (and the "s are there because that was said in a sarcastic tone) over at SFCW and SFW, and you would be limiting Free Speech (which would somewhat be hypocritical, considering you call this a "Free Sonic Fan Community", or whatever) by censoring one's opinion.

    Anywho, if you managed to read this through the entire end, congratulations you get a point. If you managed to not make a total arse out of yourself, congratulations you get a cookie.

    K, thx, Bai.

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