Note:This is the story of how Rebecca learned of her power and became a top Duelist.

Chapter 1.My Power.EditEdit

Hi,i'm Rebecca Hawkins. dueling champ,genius, and local psychic,I wasn't always this way,in fact if it wasn't for an incident when I was 3,I never would have realized my power.

I was born to two very interesting parents,a human mom and a hawk dad,making me half and half,that accounts for my hawk wings and tail and why the rest of me is human.But anyway,shortly after I was born,my parents were sent to another region of Mobius for work and they never came back,so I was raised by my grandpa on my father's said,that would be the hawk side,again:back to the point.

I grew up as a baby the same as any,but when it became my 3rd birthday,that's when my life changed.I still remember that day. Gramps came home with my cake and my stuffed dolls were excited.

That's right,I had no friends back then.I wanted to get into the cake,but he said to wait until after dinner.That made me mad enough to start kicking and screaming.You should have seen it,one sec cake and fun,the next, a collapsed house.

Everything was destroyed, except my favorite bear:Phoenix.So we moved,as I grew up I noticed that when things didn't go my way,all I had to do was complain or think bad thoughts and something would happen that was,well:weird.Later,Gramps told me what was going on:I was the first in our whole family to develop psychic powers since my ancient ancestor: Liya.

I'm getting off track again.Knowing that me getting mad would cause my powers to start,I decided to isolate myself from other kids to avoid them and over time I became a cold person and I took pride in other's misery.

Now,after time went on,my powers started going out of control to where I couldn't control them anymore,so I got some hair ties for my birthday that would help me control them.From that day on,I lived my life that was until I turned twelve and heard of a thing called:Duel Monsters.

Chapter 2.How I started Dueling.EditEdit

I found out about Duel Monsters quite easily.I was walking by a game shop and I noticed this weird looking card that I now know was a monster card called:Injection Fairy Lily.I thought it was so cute that I quickly ran home and asked my Gramps for some money to buy it.He told me I could,but I would have to work for it later.

I was so excited that I bought a whole pack with the card in it.At first I only wanted to look at the cards,but then news began spreading about people playing with the cards in games called:Duels.My first thought was that the cards should only be looked at,but as we all should expect:I re-thought about it.

I rapidly found myself in my first duel against the school's bully who dared me to duel her.For a while,she was kicking my butt.But when I pulled out Injection Fairy Lily,I know it sounds weird:but she told me how to win and I proceeded to do just that.After many months of playing,I was invited to a beginner tournament and I won it.

That's when my competitive streak began and later and eventually I became a high ranked champion.

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