Obsolete Sonic 7:Rise of the Goldeneye is the 7th game in the Obsolete Sonic:The Entire Saga

How the name was createdEdit

"Well,I actually decided that in the 6th game,Logan will kill himself in order to destroy Neotech's Megaverse Armor,The idea spawned from Ninjago:Masters of Spinjitzu in the final episode of the season 3,in which Zane kills himself along with the Golden Master/Overlord,And i decided that Logan should be reborn as Goldeneye,The idea for Goldeneye came partly from a James Bond movie,Goldeneye,And i decided that someone would probably frame Goldeneye,Rise of the Goldeneye"


Some Ultra Hedgehogs got their powers stolen,Obsolete Sonic and his team went to investigate,but they lost their powers doing so,And then a mysterious person named "Goldeneye" stole their powers,and they decided to get him,Later in the game,The real Goldeneye was revealed to be Logan who survived the destruction of the Megaverse Armor,but at the cost of a face plate (which resulted in him replacing it with one which is golden),He was not able to use his dragon wings because one of them burned,At the final stage,It is revealed that Neotech was actually the Goldeneye who stole their powers,he plans to use the powers to power his Gigantech,but his plan got foiled after Obsolete Sonic threw sticky bombs at the Gigantech,resulting in Neo Cave exploding,along with the Gigantech and the PowerRobber,and they escaped.

Characters FeaturedEdit

  • Obsolete Sonic
  • Obsolete Amy
  • Obsolete Scourge
  • Obsolete Tails
  • Lily
  • Logan The Chimeric Ultra Hedgehog/GoldenEye
  • Neotech/Fake Goldeneye


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