""You wanna know how many games the saga has? Probably 100 or 150""
―Me,AgentSonic2 confirming how many games i would launch

Obsolete Sonic:The Entire Saga is the entire video gaming saga of Obsolete Sonic video-games.

Dark EpisodesEdit

""About The Dark Episodes,They are not really in the actual continuity,they are the aftermath of bad endings,The Plot? I aint spoiling anything,But im gonna be putting a small spoiler alert,Obsolete Sonic's friends die,but get revived at the ending of D4"
―Me,AgentSonic2 confirming the plot of the Dark Episodes

Dark Episodes are just the aftermath of the bad ending of Obsolete Sonic 3,The Dark Episodes are launched at the same time with the normal episodes,They are noted with a D (the D stands for Dark) before the number of the game (example:Obsolete Sonic D4),They are darker than the usual games,(Dont worry,The blood ammount in the dark games is only in the beggining and ending parts,so technically its a small ammount).

Age RatingEdit

North AmericaEdit

The ESRB Rating for usual games are E or E+10,while for Dark ones are T


The PEGI Rating for usual games is 7,while for Dark ones is 12


The CERO Rating for usual games is A (All Ages),while for Dark ones is B (Ages 12 and Up)

Game ListEdit


  • The games partly refference some things (Examples:D4 refferences an Sonic Hack,7 partly refferences Ninjago Season 4,and 8 mostly refferences Ninjago Season 4)

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