"Sometime I feel you never understand where I'm comeing from."
―Nikki the Hedgehog.

As Azumi

"How does it feel to be hurt and watch someone to killed something or someone that you love by FORCE! "
―Nikki as Azumi

Nìkki The Hedgehog Template:Property

Nikki new look by insanitybloodrose-d81hoci
  • ~Naomi Miyuki Haniko
  • ~Anjelique Nikita Haniko (still love that name)
  • ~Azumi (Negative Counterpart)
  • ~Nikki
Gender Female
  • ~16 Years Old (Physically)
height ~3'0
Weight ~130
Clan ~Upier
  • ~((vampire))
  • ~Mobius (staying in Sonics timeline)
Hair ~ pink
Eyes: ~Red
Fur: ~ pink
Skin: ~Fair
Height: ~3'0" (91.44)
Weight: ~68lbs
Occupation ~
Weapons ~
Powers / Skills
  • ~
  • ~Evil (formerly Good)
  • ~( later Neutral)
Relationships (Crush On) Sonic
Friends Amy Rose (Friend)
Knuckles the Echina
Fiona Fox ( Best Friend)
Scourge The Hedgehog
Sergeant Simian


Enemies Rosy the Rascal

Dr Eggman ( Sometimes)
Flying Frog (give her insults)


~Sonic ~Her teammates ~ Japanese food


~Flying frog

Family ~Maximillion "Max" Bellarosa (Father)

~Aaliyah Haniko (Mother)
~Paul Rosabel (Grandfather)
Christina Bellarosa (Uncle)
~Adam Bellarosa (Uncle)
~Desire Bellarosa (cousin)
~Blui (Grandmother)
~Alex the Cat (Cousin)

Timelines Counterparts

Azumi ( Evil future Counterpart)
Miyuki (original Past Counterpart)
Nikki (Sonic Boom Counterpart)
Miyuki (video game Counterpart)

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Nikki is a female husky that originated in the Archie Mobius Universe of sonic timeline who was kind equivalent like her Mobian counterpart, Akira but however, after losing her parents at a very young age which they both was forced to return to their timeline for her own safety. From the other Vampire Clan, after years of being abandoned, she choses the dark side path during the years of growing up, which got herself in a whole lot of trouble. She later joins Team Destructix, but unlike her counterpart, Nikki becomes more evil and takes enjoyment of watching others suffer but in another dimension universe, Her future counterpart becomes very evil and insane, not caring about anyone but herself, similar to the attire of Future Android 18 from the Dragon Ball Z series. However, similar to Future Android 18's attitude, Nikki cares about her clan. She also bears a similar personality to Darka Marapore in the future as well.

( please understand "The original character amy rose was created and currently owned by both Sega & Archie Comics.")

Physical AppearanceEdit

~Nikkì is a petite stature hedgehog with darkish peach orange features and striking red eyes.



Nikki was born in Moebius on Crystal Island, as a infant but Unfortunately, the island was under attack by another vampire clan who was looking for the new born child which her family was forced to travel back into Mobius (sonic timeline), somehow after escaping, from their vampire race which they to keep there little girl safe, so they decide to name her amberlina or Anjelique Rosebel as she grown up people thought she was amy which they decided to give their daughter a nickname which call her Nikki in the process.

As 5 years passed, her family still decided not to tell Nikki about the destruction that was going on in their clan. So They decided to keep it a secret from her without even telling her completely, during months have passed she also developed a friendship With Amy which the two of them consider as sisters or even people accuse her thinking she was much a best freind to Amy She also develop Her friendship with Sonic the Hedgehog which to her He was cool in her book but however after Sonic's arch enemy Dr robotic Eggman aka Dr. Eggman who been sonic arch enemy for manny years during they first each other as he attacks Sonic and his friends which he save the both of them at the same time after being saved by him she becomes completely cool with him.

After been save by her hero and spending time with her friends Nikki becomes hopelessly in love and becomes more attracted to sonic as Amy help nikki get to know sonic more which at the end and the results of her falling in love with sonic as well however Nikki doesn't know that Amy had romantic feelings for sonic as her friends tell her to watch out about amy but nikki thought amy was harmless until she was completely shocked and discovered that amy has the same romantic crush on sonic as well (but Nikki completely fears that this might interference with her friendship with amy ) until the next day she ask amy did he had the same feelings about sonic which amy admits to her friend by telling the truth which the Two friends / buddies completely ended the friendship and becoming rivals for sonic's love. As days went by max begins to teach her how to survive however she begins to tell her that she was actually a vampire which was concerned to her asking her father how do vampires survive which they need blood to help them survive which she trained her so she could become strong just like her mother and father.

The SeparationEdit

A transport thingy notified them they have to go back anyway because of the war was sill going on in there timeline which they were forced to leave the girl behind (sadly they have to). For her own safety her parents told Nikki that they'll be back to get her, which sadly they cannot tell the their daughter about their history. Max then contacts Rose to watch the girl under her custody for a while until they return. However, max contacted Dr Eggman who becomes friends with him asking him to erased her memory from there race just to be safe which he did. Later, they went back to their own universe (Which they said a final goodbye to their daughter as they went back into the timeline they ask one of the guards to watch over their daughter which however Aaliyah who was very concerned about her daughter safety she begins to watch over her daughter as well to make sure their little princess is okay.)

Under Rose's custody, Nikki waited for her mother and father to return, but when Rose begin to look for Nikki which she finds her damaging the kitchen, crying and saying they never kept there promise to her. Nikki becomes very frustrated and furious, at her parents as she runs into her room saying they never came back for her accusing them of abandon her ( which they didn't)

back in her timeline her mother and father return with the princess with him which Nikki father to look for the child Aaliyah however refused to talk about her daughter's existence to her father to keep it a secret but however they lost the battle and started there life as prisoners.

Back in the archie universe nikki heart soon turns from love to hatred as she felt more evil, as 3 years has past nikki grown more hatred to everything. Nikki went complete insane as she blames the world for everything as she suffered from not having her mother and father around her after that she becoming a juvenile troublemaker Eggman notice that he can use a partner which she agreed to dr. Eggman was really concerned about the child he begins to look after her for her parents safety as hours pass by she begins to remember what her father had told her before going back to their dimension timeline she begins to start training herself and wait for an animal to pass by She begins to attack it and drink it blood but not harm it which shows that she is not completely heartless.

Joining The Dark SideEdit

Years went by as Nikki train herself to become strong, who is now a teenager, been working with Dr. Eggman but as months passed, Nikki got herself almost in a lot of trouble in Sonic's homeworld and becoming call by her nickname the troublemaker kid.

She took a enjoyment of her new "bad girl" personality which in her world she recall she doesn't play by the rules. She pays sonic a little visit, in which sonic was very shocked to find out about Nikki's appearance; very evil and wicked. And when he found her, she also finds out girls have one weakness which women like her can get out of anything and get what they want by flirting or seducing them. She began to flirt with him just to get what she wants from there information. That was until Sonic told her to stay away from her sonikku. In self defense, Nikki attacks him with her martial arts skills, calling her weak.

Sonic asked her, "What's up with your attitude?" Nikki calls him a cutie pie before attacking him. She responds to her saying, "Love can be a very crazy thing, but sometimes love can be very twisted." she begins to flirtatious provoke sonic until shadow appears tell her that no one will never defeat the faker (sonic as usual) but she knows that he has the Chaos Emerald which she wanted it.

Shadow told her that she can't have it, but she needs to battle him. Nikki accepts that and fights with Shadow. After that, he gave her a compliment on her fighting skills. She smirks and thanks shadow as she takes her evil deeds seductive personality to a whole new level. She flirts with Shadow and sweet-talks to him (which to fool him and trick him), but however it becomes success at the end, as she uses him just to get the Chaos Emeralds from him. Which She takes the Chaos Emerald and attacks him.

Shadow becomes very angry at her, saying "no fair!", that she cheated. She tells him with these words, "Sometimes you got to do what you have to in order to get what you want." She plans to attack the rest of the Freedom Fighters until she bumps into Scourge, Sonic's evil counterpart. She gives Scourge a random compliment, "That's a real bad boy right there," as he begins to flirt with her, which she flirts back, keeping her game cool. They escape in Teleportation Rings. Shadow was very angry, as Sonic asks what happened to her and what up with Nikki's attitude.

Back at scourge headquarters. As Scourge who was in a partnership with rouge but broke up after his transformation was done he was amused by her personality and fighting skills. He, ask if they could, joined forces together she then apologized for hurting her friends. But then, she took a really twisted dark turn. So good for once to be powerful as she turns to the dark side randomly, enjoying her bad girl side, which to the world as well as it may seem that the girl had already forgotten happiness.

The Freedom FightersEdit

As working with scourge for a While and eggman as well but been double-crossing him the whole entire time during their partnership again As Nikki go undercover to join the freedom fighters as a spy so that she and scourge can know what their plans are Nikki apologize to sonic and his friends with her strange and very bad behavior which she plays along with the plan went by as her plans begin to work but however she grew very jealous on sonic girlfriend Fiona Fox for being in a relationship with him as she thinks to herself she wish fiona was dead.

as days went by she grew more bitter and heartless to amy asking her rival /friend amy in a cold heartless way why is a weaking little girl like you who nervously get ditches by sonic everyday won't do one date from him which as she walks away that night she contacted scourge to tell him what their plans are up until Amy who almost hears her and pretend to go to sleep.

the next day however Amy becomes suspicious if nikki is actually undercover for eggman and scourge a spy which she lies and says she wasn't things become more suspicious for amy to find out however nikki Go suspicious about fiona as well if she actually cares about Sonic or she doesn't.

double crossing and betrayalEdit

Nikki because more suspicious and suspects about fiona relationship which sonic until Nikki find out that fiona never care about sonic at all as she was shocked to find out more that she's been cheating on sonic with Scourge the whole entire time during their relationship while they are together as tails told amy which she was angry and furious at fiona for cheating on him and two timing him.

which amy was very upset At fiona and attacking with her hammer saying that everyone trusted her even sonic trusted her with all his heart she ask fiona why she cheated on Sonic Fiona tells amy that her and sonic wasnt really going out since they got together fiona tells amy the truth well only get you hurt and no one would never actually believe amy since she's too gullible until sonic came along interrupted the cat fight which he noticed that people been telling him that she's been cheating on him after becoming upset that she betray sonic heart but she was proud of the girl for breaking up with him to have sonic all to herself as she thinks to herself she would do the same thing as well ( if Amy back off her man).

sonic begins to talk to fiona asking her more questions why she's been disappearing a lot sonic ask Fiona why she became interested in him since scourge first impersonation him and ask her if she wants to take things more interest and move on to the next level in there relationship until she was tired and fed up of there whole relationship until scourge came in telling sonic it was him who fiona fall for first realizing after falling for the evil hedgehog when fiona saw something in scourge which sonic didnt had which scourge was sour and bittersweet for fiona but as for sonic he was too sweet and vanilla for her taste.

admittedly and cofession telling sonic when scourge wasnt the real sonic at first which she was trying find the same thing in sonic which she wanted more fun she tells him that she tries to find the same attraction to sonic just like Scourge however she failed at the end and as for sonic he was on the whole hero thing. scourge on the other hand insults sonic love life explaining he couldn't hold on to a princess and couldn't win fiona's heart and as for amy ( who has a obsessed love him) tell his hero twin there a real prize winner. Nikki clap for fiona as amy was very upset ask her why would she be clapping for her tell amy why should she be asking her since questions which insult her that sonic will never be hers.

however Tails came in and started crying and beging Fiona not to leave with scourge realizing that he loves her but she didn't have the same feelings back to him and because of there Age difference because tails ls was to young for her which scourge became very annoying by tails begging merciness to fiona tails tells fiona he knows that she is good inside and kind hearted and all she has to try to work harder.

fiona tell him that was sweet of him to say sweet things to her but she tell him there one lesson in life he hasn't learn he cannot count on everybody she immediately slap him which scourge was very amuse at fiona bad girl attitude and laugh at tails for getting slap in the face by her and so was nikki she takes more interest of the dark side and automatically enjoy other people's pain and suffering and smirks at tails pain and heartbroken and getting hit in the face. Sonic rush over to tails to see if he was alright tails become completely heartbroken by Fiona harsh and rude words which he tells sonic to go after her for hurting his feelings and slapping him.

This push Sonic over the edge as he becomes very physical and furious angry at fiona as he begins to charge at her for hitting tails in the face and hurting his feelings which she mentions to Sonic that he was the one who abandoned her and left her in prison all alone as he tell her that was no excuse for her to hit him until scourge came in and stop Sonic from attacking her he begin provoking Sonic as he call him a wuss as scourge begins to tell him saying as much as he likes messing with him and pissing him off which scourge said that he likes fiona as a change of heart.

he begins to tells sonic that all the girls from his dimension home are black and dark from the get-go from the beginning he date and cheated on which they was to vanilla for his taste but when he first another female and saw fiona for the first time in his life he know she wasn't like the rest of them but however her appearances caused him to be attracted to her which had immediately and automatically turned him on according to scourge he mentioned fiona choices to be bad and evil which he thinks that is hot according to his book.

after that got out of the way scourge pay more attention to sonic tells him he knows why he hates him sonic got very angry and got provoke by him more as scourge telling him it not the whole fiona thing of her breaking up with Sonic or he just better looking then him scourge tells sonic all it takes is one bad day and he'll be just like him but sonic corrected him saying all he needs a little of selfishness and a little bit of decency which he'll be just like him scourge begins to panic until fiona kick him telling sonic to back off he had his chance with her as Nikki tell her to not hit sonic so hard.

fiona was about to attack sonic but Amy came in to stop her just in time and so was tails both of them was very upset at Fiona double cross and betrayed the freedom fighters as nikki don't have a problem with double crossing she summit Eggman to come which the others was completely confused and shocked and she gave the Master Emeralds to him and so was sonic as well.

She confessed to all the others she been double Crossing and betray the team saying she was actually a spy working for him which she pointed to amy saying she was almost expose as well but thanks to amy who gain her trust more which she was foolish enough to believe her which she also tells the other she been working with scourge as well.

but however at the end everything happen so fast she immediately double crossed Eggman again which he becomes completely upset why was she double crossing him for the second time she explains to Eggman she was never actually working for him which she been working with scourge the whole time during there partnership as she walks away blowing a kiss to Sonic call him handsome as she goes in the ring with scourge and fiona which Amy becomes very upset saying next time if she sees her she's dead to Her.

New TeamEdit

Working for Dr. FinitevusEdit

Not long after the betray from the freedom fighters along with fiona who change her attitude appearances more, she and scourge decided to make a new team as well soon after that they attack sonic friends Fiona insulted tails by playing with his emotions as sally punched fiona for cheating on Sonic and slap tails in the face she was very upset that the both of them double crossed them nikki tells her it was more fun to drop them a little pay-back. nikki attack Sonic more and Amy after that she flirt with her , sonic ask her why was she doing this she burst out angry saying it none of his business asking her why was she doing it as she hit him more and punches him she tells him that she is not some weak little girl needed to be rescue amy begin to attack her which nikki became very angry and uses her martial arts at amy saying she don't need her weaknees to bring her down,

as Nikki who was later kidnapped By Naugus when she walks up find out that she had been kidnapped as he finds out that she had the power to open the codes which he explains the last time when he hypnotize Sonic he explains the effect didn't last longer which she refused to give it to him he noticed that she was a Dhamphire which he hypnotized The girl more As nikki played a part in the recreation of this awesome figure, as she and Scourge had worked with the other Destructix to knock out Knuckles the Echidna when he returned to Angel Island, and delivered him to Dr. Finitevus whose plans finally came together to make a new Enerjak out of the original's greatest foe she soon becomes more effected by it after a few hours later they made it to Dr.finitevus he ask her where was the information at he almost sucess to reach it but his effect had exploded which caused her to attack while she was free from his mind control As an escape to find scourge and fiona.

she catches with scourge as he thinks to himself which he found out that he and sonic wasn't so different Scourge resolved to find answers to who he was now, and left with Fiona and her as well through the enhanced Warp Ring, to the places he could find them. Scourge promised Fiona and nikki, however, that it would be fun.

joining the Destructix Edit

Nikki joins the destructix to see what her skills are made of until Simian Flirt with her as she attack him punching and kick him pins him giving him a warning in response tell him no man will never touch her which scourge told him not to mess with her since she the new teammate he responds in the way call her Hot kitten (mean he like a woman in charge) nikki however was freak out by Flying Frong creepiness which call him a creepy frog he automatically and immediately provoke her saying that females like her don't have class or self esteem.

as she become angry grabing his neck asking him do he wants to die as she begins to help sourage with his plans more as he becomes king of Mobius along with fiona his queen which he find out she had a birthmark on her which since she can speak Japanese which her birthmark was call princess.

as they all begin fighting his friend's while sonic deal with scourge meanwhile during his battle with scourge which he and sonic was stop by there robots self as scourge ask sonic to rule the universe with him as Kings which cost Sonic to panic to answer scourge request until he was interrupted after that was over scourge turn his attention and focus back on sonic as he waited for Sonic to respond and accepted his deal and offer to rule the universe with him as kings which sonic rejected his offer as he tell scourge he doesn't want to be sickened by his words which he doesn't mind telling sonic to accept his defeat sonic run away and acepted telling him that he will defeat him however scourge on the other hand looking at him saying that he made a great mistake of rejecting his offer.

Scourge betrayalEdit

While they battle again sonic came in trying to talk to the girl ask her why was she doing all this she burst out more angry saying it none of his business as well however he mentioned that she act just like amy she begins to attack shock to tell her she was actually a vampire she snap into madness demanded him for blood, but she turn back to normal which Nikki was really confused for a minute.

she begins to chase him trying to find answers until she was transport into another dimension where she amy and sonic meet Rosy The Rascal an evil version of amy she was more shocked to see a cute version of herself as she attack them Nikki and amy tell rosy to take a chill pill, summit a compliment by Sonic saying she act like a crazy she tell him to shut his mouth or she wouldn't mind hitting a cute hedgehog.

which scourge was very shocker that his stalker came back wanted to hit him for ignoring her (which in the comics that he runs away from her just like Sonic does to Amy when she keeps forcing Him to go on a date with her which they noticed that she is the anti version of Amy and has a crush on scourge however she used the rings to make herself look older so he can notice her but at the end it made her go into insanity) as sonic and his friends attacking scourge gang as he yells fucking traitors as his own gang betrays him.

which rosy blow kissing faces and attack scourge for leaveing her hanging however scourge ask sonic again to join his side to take over the universe which he rejected the first time and again scourge however becomes very angry and transform into super scourge.

he becomes very physical angry at Sonic and asking him what is with him and what his deal he told him that he and sonic could have ruled the universe together as kings which he rejected the offer the first time he ask him and the second time as scourge/super scourge begins to fight some more as he noticed this was anti Mobius where everything is complete opposite from there timeline but Sonic also have a idea (which sonic trick scourge for him to transform).

he was about to attack sonic but his power and energy faded so fast he becomes shocked that all his power and his energy vanish so fast a weak scourge ask sonic why his power didn't last longer Sonic explains to him when he use alot of the seven Master Emeralds he slows down first so he can absorb the power which can last longer for him and as for Scourge case he use the power so fast that all it energy burned out so quickly scourge call him a cheater for tricking him which Sonic tell him he's nothing but a bully and don't take any responsibility for his actions and for the chaos that he has cost.

after his defeat and beaten By Sonic nikki disappear scourge was taken to the zonic cops where he breaks free and runs away from sonic as sonic chase after him which until they was both stop by zonic cops as scourge had a zonic Collar that was wrapping around his neck as where nikki saw 2 Sonic's becomes madly happy as she flirt with Sonic cop Countpart Zonic he tells her he don't flirt with criminals which she don't mind about that which she watch scourge get under arrest as she call Fiona and tell her that scourge been arrested.

Jail BreakingEdit

After scourge got arrested and sent to zonic prison which he couldn't fight cause the zonic Control Collar slow his speed down she call fiona and the other team mates to make a plan to find scourge so they can't bust him out of jail however they all got themselves arrested only to reach scourge location after places themselves in prison nikki hug and flirt with zamy again as calling him Zamy she rejects her again tell her again that she don't flirt with criminals which she began swinging her hips as she blow her a kiss and winks at her.

meanwhile at the lunch cafeteria one of the cell inmates begins to bully scourge more until his teammates stop them, all of the cell inmates begins to become very interest and Asking Nikki if she can ditch them for A real man (similar to rouge personality) she doesn't like a man to disrespect a lady like her they however perverted Saying they like her style which they walk away when she becomes very happy that they left her alone for now until she needed them again for interesting things.

however Fiona cames to cheer scouege up which him became very angry at her for leaving him hanging as nikki watches fiona explain she didn't mean to leave him hanging back at the freedom fighters location as she tells him both of them call the team and explain why they couldn't contact him they needed to find a way to find his location so they got themselves arrested as she explains the whole thing scourge burst out of anger and yells at her saying YOU morons you and these lame freaks are trying to get me kill!!! to her as he walk away upset she laughed insane asking fiona what kind of man yells at his girlfriend fiona however tell nikki where her man which Nikki shouldn't worry about hers.

meanwhile scourge was trying to get down to business until more people was hitting him until his team came and stopped the fight fiona came in and threatened the master not to touch scourge as the master threatened her giving her a death wish she takes him to talk to him Nikki however was laughing at scourge where fiona criticize her for not having Sonic which she become more upset at that nikki and fiona ask scourge what was making him slow down he told them the zonic control coller was bring him down she tells him he can make his own team just like sonic has his own team he decide to show them who's the boss and King as he go back to old self.

he begins to go talk to dr eggman as fiona was proud of scourge to go back the way he was meanwhile Nikki and fiona was looking at him abby ask fiona what does she see in him she mentions to tell her that he's great (in the sonic comic she mentioned she like bad boys) abby ask Nikki what guys do she like she began to say she like good guys and bad guys when rudy ask why she daydream about a special girl that she's interest ( Amy the Hedgehog) mentions that she is the love of her life she mentions that she has a family before they went back to there timeline she signed in love mention Amy again blushing she flirt with zamy again but she rejects her more till Andrew a boy who a prison inmate begins to flirt with her more but she however reject his flirtatious by kicking him in the face and slim him in the ground rejected saying that she found someone new And walk away.

that night they wait for scourge moment to shine till the Prison was getting under attack so everyone went insane scourge who managed got his mojo back and speed scourge was very upset at fiona for ruined his big comeback nikki and her till him that this stuff has been taken he orders them to get it Dr Eggmen tell scourge to surrender but he wasn't going to give up without a fight fiona and the other teammates tell him that the ring portal was open he yells to them saying as he wants to get out of there as they disappear in the ring portal

As nikki becomes very excited that she got her appearance back which flying frog criticize her even more saying that her looks can be very deceitful she grab his neck threatened him that she could had leave him there with the fishes till Andrew who escape from jail was behind her saying that he is part of the team now and hugs her she pushes him saying get off me she threatened him say that she will never ever ever fall for him as for scourge status telling everyone that they play by his rules telling fiona and the team He had big plans for both world's his and sonic world for revenge.

The darkness sagaEdit

after escaping from jail and sill a member of his team dr eggman notices something was wrong with her like her voice and personality has change sill hide the secret from her scourge and his team come back to attack sonic however sonic accidentally cut himself by mistake which she stop and immediately backs up telling him get his blood away from her he ask her why she tell him its better off for him clean his blood he cleans it but sill bleeding she begain to turn demonic asking for his blood in a demanding way which he ask her is she ok she yells at him more in a demonic demon way asking for his blood

which he becomes freak out by her suddently Ameila interrupted her As she comes in her mind telling her she need blood which she don't know who she is she introduced herself to nikki she tells her that she is another person like a split personality which she did not know what she was talking about Amelia explains to her original self that she is the dark and hatred Side to her personality she managed to control the girl which nikki begins to lose control of herself as she walks to him and in a seducing way pulling his chain as she hug him as she about to bite him he cuts her only for her to get off of him

she begin attacking him as she cuts him with her nails which she automatically hurting him as she pins Him to hold him still sonic ask what got into her Amelia who tooks control of her body telling sonic in nikki voice she was gonna bite her till eggman zaps her but put garlic in it which she collaps as she turns back to her normal self Dr Eggman tell Sonic and the others it was best for them to leave which sonic ask why they should leave He yells at sonic in anger it was best for them not to get involved in this however sonic and the other left Crying to himself that the girl probably knows too much ( meaning her history).

The truth has been exposedEdit

After puting her to sleep he contact the other vampires telling them the girl know two much about her race which they becomes shock and demanded what happened as nikki went down stairs and hear what Dr Eggman and the other people was saying as he turn around as shocking to see her standing there listening to the whole conversation becomes very physical upset broken one his glasses find out she was actually a Dhamphire means (Half-vampire) (which accordingly sonic was right) she turns demonic as the lights turn on and off demands Eggman for answers and want the truth was he actually behind this he tells the truth to her which upset her more she yells at him in a demonic voice saying she never ever forgiving him went completely insane destorying his lab as he trying claming her down but getting more yelling and rage was not solving the problem after she turn back to herself she begain to cry asking who she is he goes to touch her shoulder but yell at him more demonic as a response to not to touch her whichc she notice a necklace of a woman and a man in the picture trying to be solve her own mystery she takes Eggman's time machine clock to go into her own timeline to find out who she is where was she born and where was did she come from.


as she enters into her timeline which notice that the door was half open she opens it and discovered that Mobius has turned into darkness trying to find out how this all happened while she was gone for 16 years since she was a baby she see a little girl getting attack as she stop them from attacking her she thanks her as nikki asked the little girl how did this all happen the girl answer her questions saying every since knuckles ruin the world and not only realize without sonic in the world to save everything the world went from chaos and chaotic Nikki however ask the girl where was her parents at she tells her that her parents are dead or have been kidnapped as she begin to cry saying her brother and sister has been taken away as well which she's explains to her that she's been trying to find them for months

which she notice the girl has red eyes just like her as she takes the girl with her trying to find more answers as they walks through the city she asked the girl name which her name is Anzu nikki ask her is she a vampire which Anzu response to her she was half The two of them walks she notice a old men was on the ground badly hurt which she probably know that he may have survived as they took him somewhere to restore his health.

the old man wakes up thanking nikki for saving him asking anzu how did she manage to survive she explained that she been trying to find her brother and sister and her parents for months but no luck has been found the old man begins to look at nikki very suspicious as nikki freaks out asking the old man why was he staring at her like all weird and crazy as he introduces himself he begin to tell them his named Is Paul he ask Nikki where did she came from she explains to him that she was from another dimension timeline (sonic timeline) as she explains more to herself to him saying comeing here and trying to find some more answers of where she was born her race.

he notice that she had the necklace around her neck which he becomes suspicious about it as she explains to paul there was a picture of a woman and a man and with her as well he looks at it and discovered that was his daughter Aaliyah with max her husband he dropped the necklace and was shocked to discover that this woman who was looking right in front of him was his long-lost granddaughter who disappeared 16 years ago since she was born he begins to cry and hugs her she ask why was she hugging him he tells her in happiness that this woman and this man in the picture was her parents shock as the memory refresh her mind remember everything before her parents went back into this timeline that her parents told Dr Eggman to erase her memory from known her race and as she was more shocked to find out that Paul was her long-lost grandfather which was more shocked and discovered that she was actually a princess as well.

nikki's destiny Edit

After finding out she was actually a princess and meeting her grandpa for the first time she begins to ask a lot of questions where was her parents he tell her that her parents might be dead or taken by the another leader name cell nikki as who he was her grandfather explains who cell was cell was once on the good side when he a member on there side which means he was a freedom fighter as paul continues to explain to his granddaughter he care and love freedom and his people so much similar to Sonic personality however he fell in love with Aaliyah and wanted her to be with him but she tells him that she fell in love with max which she tells him she wants to stay be friends with him however after got his heart broken and begin grew bitter to his friendship with max he tries to do it again however she told him no but no wasn't the answer to him he also try to sexual advices to her which he lead him into more trouble

after the other warriors found out and max as well cell was banish and forbidden from ever returning to the castle and there clan after felt betrayed by his own best friend and the people he looked up to paul tell her more about cell he meets with a mysterious person tell him she give him more immortal and powers if he exchange his soul and his good side as well which also leads to the dark side similar to chase young story every since he turned to the dark side things has been complicated between the two clans.

After tell her the story her grandfather warned nikki about him and staying away from him which mean he bad news she thought he was harmless and what could possibly go wrong it wasn't long as they was not alone two vampires from a different clan was spying on them and report information to cell right away cell know Paul was still alive and doesn't notice that his granddaughter was alive as well he orders his workers to capture them

1 hour later came as everyone was sleeping until Nikki woke up in the middle of the night using her vampire sensing notice that they been watch the whole time she wakes up her grandpas and Ariel tell them it was time to leave suddenly they was attacked by his two Huntsman trying to attack ariel but she uses a shield to protect her and Paul Nikki begins to fight the two henchmen as they continue to fight Paul was very impressed by his granddaughters martial arts given Dr Eggman credit for training her

Britney cut nikki with her claws which she find out that the girl eyes was red light red means she a Dhamphire they attack her some more realizing they was no match for her she begins to get hit pretty hard as Paul came in to protect his granddaughter he tells his granddaughter to run which she begging him not to do this he tells her to get away so they won't find where she's at she listened to her grandfather advice and run away watching her grandpa fighting the beating of his life and crying as she watches him do this for her.

after escaping she noticed that Ariel was behind the whole time which asking if she was hurt which ariel replies no she's ask Nikki can she join her on the journey request which Nikki ask why she wants to join ariel tell her she will need to find her brother and sister and become stronger which she accept her request as Ariel begins to hug her considering the girl as a sister which they be getting on the neverending request to save the world.

The battle and losing someone preciousEdit

Nikki and Ariel continue their journey wanted to know what happened to the world completely as Ariel was asking her if her grandfather was going to be ok Nikki tell her that she hope he's okay meanwhile back at cells Place he watches his minions beat up her grandfather completely he demanded and asking Paul who was that mysterious girl he was with without no details Paul refuses to tell his granddaughters identity completely to cell he becomes more upset at him continue to torture him Aaliyah begs cells stop torturing her father completely which they continue to beat him up until Paul surrenders as he confesses to cell The mysterious young female. He was with was his granddaughter the confusion on cells face as he did not know what the old man was talking about which he confesses to his daughter that his granddaughter was here which Aaliyah freaks out cover her mouth cell was shocked to find out that 16 years ago that Aaliyah did have a baby girl which disappear in this world become more coming to his senses that Aaliyah and Max had hidden the girl in another dimension timeline ( which was Sonics automatically) this angry cell completely that the girl was the last member of the Upier clan which came to his senses that her parents are full vampires but their daughter is only a half vampire which means that she still has humanity left of her

cell becomes more angry and walked away as his minions asked their master could they beat up paul some more he snapped his fingers and tell them that was enough beating for one day which they put them in his prison cell Aaliyah begins trying to have a explanation to her father until he moved away from her become more angry and upset at her he yelled at her and demanded why did the both of them had hidden Nikki 16 years ago without knowing her grandfather automatically he ask her in a sudden of matter why she didn't tell him the truth when he asked her where was his granddaughter which she kept her mouth closed for 16 years of Nikki appearances

The death of confessionEdit

meanwhile as they both continue walking in the city more as Nikki and Ariel was searching around the whole city until she saw knuckles she completely was happy to see knuckles but her vampire senses tell her that this was not the knuckles that she know from Sonics timeline completely and automatically which he finds out that he missed a couple to make them into his Prelate's Ariel becomes very scare and hides behind her Nikki wanted to know what knuckles was talking about knuckles begins to attack her but she use shield to protect herself knuckles thinks to himself that the girl got so Strong but not stronger enough which he finds out about her weakness (which was Sonic)

which knuckles Summit Sonic to face her she becomes very happy to see Sonic and waited for his response to say something back to her but he never responded back to her automatically she uses her vampire senses to find out why was sonic not speaking or talking directly towards her as usual which knuckles explains that his core was no longer in his body which she automatically beging crying telling knuckles that he was lying that knuckles will never do something to his best friend

he commanded sonic to attack her immediately as she's tried to talk senses into sonic telling him to stop fighting back but it was no use his mind was no longer to himself but a mindless slave and puppet two knuckles.

she tried to tell sonic to stop but he eventually hit her this however push her limit too far and automatically and eventually kill sonic by force when she falls to the ground completely as she saw the guy that she's been in love with is on the floor dead while his dead body course was on the floor she begins trying to wake up Sonic but sonic touches her face and thanks her as he have one last moments with her with emotions completely kiss her before he died which Leads Nikki crying and confessed her crush over the years of fighting and / helping him admitting that he was the coolest guy on the planet telling after completely understanding human emotions telling him that she loves him throughout all her years of her life that she's been madly in love with him.

knuckles begin to insult and mocks her of killing sonic by force she begins to tell him stop mocking her but however knuckles begins to mock her more again and again as she felt more angry more upset to be forced to kill something that she completely love however the insults continue over again which Nikki begins to become more angry after being insulting and mocking for the last time this push her over the edge for the last time as Nikki finally snap into physical rage.

however knuckles begins to stop laughing has he noticed that the girls power has completely changed which her skin color has turned into dark pink which she tells him that he had pushed her over the edge which made her very angry as she talks in a demonic hatred way she begins to pick up a scythe tell him that he has mocked her and insult her for the last time with the girl begins to attack each and every robot that was being control.

Ariel tried to talk sense into her realizing she noticed that nikki has lost control of herself as the girl can't focus now but hatred Nikki becomes more out of control which the girl is in a stage of different human emotions depressed / hatred knuckles was about to take her core by stabbing her but he realized that the girl was not human she grabbed his arm in a beserk / ballistic way begin insanely laughing as she crushes his arm and a painful way

she asks him in a soul of matter / sorrow and sadness how does it feel to be in pain which admittedly escape from her he realized and notices that the girl has completely changed as noticing her voice is not completely the same knuckles ask her who was she which he tells her her name is ameila which he realize that the girl has gotten completely stronger and notice that he is up for a match and disappears.

after the battle was over Ariel noticed that Nikki was on the floor crying but when she tries to touch the girl she yells at her in the demonic rage tells her not to touch her screaming and yelling As glasses in the building begin to shatter While cars are being floating in the air when she noticed that the girl Is in her Amelia personality when she noticed that the other side of her show It emotions which considers of rage and hatred Nikki goes more completely insane and ballistic and beserk while she watched the girl punches down some buildings in rage Nikki/Amelia ask the girl what was she waiting for that they need to find more informations about what's going on

Even cell was impress that he noticed that the girl also has a dark side As he disappear and watches as they continue their journey. while in sonic timeline everyone was watching the whole thing after becomeing completely shocked realize that nikki has broken ameila free from her prison they become more scared for nikki now she has unleash the satan child from hell if nikki does not come back to her senses she could end up the same faith like Her Future Self befor it two late.

The Demon One Edit

while they continue with there journey Ariel becomes more scared of nikki as she notices that this side of nikki has no emotions or humanity shaking in fear she also completely noticed that the girl's eyes was completely dark red as her voice becomes more scary and demonic which amelia desire her emotions with hatred. Ariel tries to talk to the girl and tell her to calm down but nikki/amelia yells at her in the hateful negative way not to touch her which she was starting to worry that Nikki was started to lose more control of herself.

While they was walking they notice that people was in there way lookin at them life a was a snack to them ariel becomes frightened by them Amelia as them to move out of the way but refuse to move out of there way they begin to ask Nikki/Amelia where did she came from and why is she here Nikki (as Amelia) tells them that she was from another dimension timeline Sonics prime timeline

she tells them that she was coming here to find some answers where was she born and where did she came from and finding out that she was not completely born in Sonics prime timeline. As there leader interrupted the conversation which he introduced himself to her which his name was Zavok who was the leader of the Deadly Six along with Zazz and Zomom with Zor With Zeena who was back at the Castle with their master. Zavok as Amelia do she got what it takes to fight them which as a respond if she has the guts Amelia/Nikki smirks as accepted there what quest to fight against him Ariel ask her not to do this but amelia tells her to stay back and watch the fight. She ask them one more time to get out her way which the response to her with a no no for an answer Amelia becomes more angry and amusing to them ask she attack each one but was damage by their quick attacks.

Nikki because more insane and crazy as her claws suddently popped up from no where as she attack each one of them back at sonic timeline everyone begins to worry about her ask the members becomes more were be as well Dr Eggman this is not good the girl is losing her mind even more you have to do something the girl is losing more control of herself. Dr Eggman begins to tell them it wasn't his fault you're the one who said it out loud that the girl was a half vampire.

us don't blame this on Dr Eggman you're the one who was supposed to do your job by erased the girl memory and for letting her know the truth abour her race and now that she knows about it the girl will only result of hatred which only her soul and heart will full is rage and negativity which will force her to to destroy humanity.

Dr Eggman was confused what do they mean by destroy humanity and the world perhaps. Dr Eggman we should have told you a long time ago about her second self Ameika who is Ameika Dr Eggman was asking them Ameika is Nikki's dark demonic evil self a long time ago when we watch over the girl she created another split personality which was call Amelia we thought that she was not harmless when we see that she was turning into her hateful negativity self we steal the girl away inside her mind so she will never suffer the same faith just like her future self.

Ameika's emotions is hate and rage desires of killing innocent people and laugh at their misery and pain and has no responsibility of people's emotions we're trying not to prevent that again don't you see were trying not to make history repeat itself because your damn actions of telling the girl about her race and knuckles provoking the girl watching someone died in front of her if the girl doesn't go back into her senses she may lose more than that she may lose control of herself and go completely insane. However Nikki begin to use Cherry Blossom Impart To hit Zavok and his team as anzu saw how Nikki gotten so strong as she fight them. But zavok use holy water which burn Nikki left cheek which cost her to become extremely angry.

Zazz was quite impressed with her notice that she punch the tree with full strength as zor stab her in the back cost her to have physical pain punching him in heart force him to spit out blood she was going to kill each and one of them however anzu step in and told her to stop crying and begging for mercythat she should not go on like this however for the safety of the child she stopped for her and begins to go on their journey however zor was not going to give up without a fight and that actor for payback however she Dodge his attack and broke his right arm luckily she didn't break it all the way and this appears to go find her parents.

back at the castle zeena was completely disappointed and so was the boss but however he was likely that they came back in one piece he asked how was the mission that explain this with some girl which day was talking about her that she was not completely herself but was quite impressed that she managed to punch the ground and the trees physical hard however HIROSHI already know that Nikki was fighting with them But soon to become really impressed that he will find more information about her.

The futureEdit

While anzu and nikki (who is still in her azumi side walk from place to place who now by one of her mother friends tody who watch the girl grew since she was a child she attack him as telling her to stop but realize the girl is losing more of control but successfully managed to knock her out woken up by being tied up azumi orders him to release her so she can destroy him but however tody shows nikki bad and horrible future directly to her as she was shocked to see innocent people getting killed she know this the girl looks completely exactly like her which who is azumi with pink hair and no this it was a intruder azumi spotted her an attacker her but it was only just an illusion as he tell nikki she can be in great Danger if she doesn't calm down her other half As nikki went into deeper and talk to the archie azumi smirking at her nikki tells her to stop this but azumi negative response to her that she doesn't want to however nikki went back flashbacks of her friends of good and bad however she has to Happy Friendship to his Amy before break their friendship up falling in love with the same guy.

She explains the main reason why she became so strong it's because of her azumi being to crack demanding what was she talking about she explained through the bad and Evil the main reason why her hatred and her became so strong it's because of her she explains to her more if it wasn't for her existing she want it never became the person she is now azumi starts to freak out tell her that she has nothing to do with it she explains that it was her doing all of this but nikki correct her saying at the she broke her friendship up with amy she never gave up on her which results as she still cares about her azumi becomes weaken and crys demanding to ask her other half if she was with her this whole entire time what was she to her she trys to punch her but only hug azumi saying she her sister and told the demon to let go of her anger while azumi accepting nikki her eyes resume similar to her other half and Letting Go her anger and Faded Away as nikki resume back to Normal anzu becomes happy that nikki is back tody as the long-lost princess how did she manage to talk into her she tell her that things want good just now tody tell her that her parents are in trouble that the three of them headed for the castle.

The futureEdit

While anzu and nikki (who is still in her azumi side walk from place to place who now by one of her mother friends tody who watch the girl grew since she was a child she attack him as telling her to stop but realize the girl is losing more of control but successfully managed to knock her out woken up by being tied up azumi orders him to release her so she can destroy him but however tody shows nikki bad and horrible future directly to her as she was shocked to see innocent people getting killed she know this the girl looks completely exactly like her which who is azumi with pink hair and no this it was a intruder azumi spotted her an attacker her but it was only just an illusion as he tell nikki she can be in great Danger if she doesn't calm down her other half As nikki went into deeper and talk to the archie azumi smirking at her nikki tells her to stop this but azumi negative response to her that she doesn't want to however nikki went back flashbacks of her friends of good and bad however she has to Happy Friendship to his Amy before break their friendship up falling in love with the same guy.

She explains the main reason why she became so strong it's because of her azumi being to crack demanding what was she talking about she explained through the bad and Evil the main reason why her hatred and her became so strong it's because of her she explains to her more if it wasn't for her existing she want it never became the person she is now azumi starts to freak out tell her that she has nothing to do with it she explains that it was her doing all of this but nikki correct her saying at the she broke her friendship up with amy she never gave up on her which results as she still cares about her azumi becomes weaken and crys demanding to ask her other half if she was with her this whole entire time what was she to her she trys to punch her but only hug azumi saying she her sister and told the demon to let go of her anger while azumi accepting nikki her eyes resume similar to her other half and Letting Go her anger and Faded Away as nikki resume back to Normal anzu becomes happy that nikki is back tody as the long-lost princess how did she manage to talk into her she tell her that things want good just now tody tell her that her parents are in trouble that the three of them headed for the castle.


"you fools you do not realize what you had done now you can not close the door that you have already open and I'm afraid that Nikki will get herself in a whole lot of trouble if she continue to stay in that hatred form and I'm afraid the longer she stays in that form the longer she will continue to lose herself and now she has turned into her demotic personality"
"when Nikki was a little girl she created to split personalities of herself one who's just complete happy which she is just herself but however the other side of her is completely insane,insanity ballistic and beserk which is her name is Ameila Her personality does not consider of emotions of love happiness sadness or sorrow Amelia personality and her emotions is Very negativity and negative considers and desires of hatred and rage looks at the world with pure evil and hatred enjoy other peoples pain and miserable As her own enjoyment and I'm afraid if the girl continues to stay As Amelia she could lose everything I mean lose everything meaning....."
―herself and suffer the same faith just like her insanity future self

~Nikkì is a strong-willed, youthful dhampir. She has a honourable fighting spirit, however, during her battles she sometimes forgets to humble herself and can prove disarrious in the wrong situations. She cares about her friends dearly, nikki began a sister bond relationship with Amy Rose But after falling for the same guy sonic which ended her friendship with amy and tolerates Amy's outlandish affections toward Sonic the Hedgehog.

She is also extremely clever similar to Fiona Fox situation both of them had kinda same past of abandonment (which nikki situation wasn't s far like hers) nikki seems to have a dark side to her personality which according to the same situation she chose the dark path in her life mostly tours her childhood which she got a lot of trouble in Sonics timeline join scourge team and backstabbing her friends.

She became selfish and overconfident and hated anyone that tried to get in her way. She does not tolerate her being doubted insulting , and struggles to let anyone come close to her. She appears to be calm and serious but in regards to her childhood. She however can be stubborn and jealous With Fiona fox who was dating the blue hero but after finding out she has no romantic feelings for him and cheated on him with Scourge the whole entire time during their whole relationship which however an unexpected turn she double cross them along with Fiona, she however can sometimes be very childish over ridiculous things however she hates when someone gets her insults which can lead to her temper.

However Nikki can be hopelessly in love with sonic and seems to hate when amy tried to win sonic heart and affection which seems to both of them became rivals for his love.

she had discovered a dangerous to herself that is so far, and cannot be vanquished. Her antiself, which she calls her second self Amélia, who is always battling for control over her body. after she has a split personality which they become completely scared finding out that the girl was split into 2 seperation personalities one who's completely cold and heartless and the other one who just wants to make friends and is completely normal. she is only capable of taking control temporarily if put in situations that bring about strong negative emotions which is why Nikkì strives to keep to herself, as she would rather be alone and self assured than someone bent on destruction.


is the dark and insane side of Nikki when nikki was a little girl She created two split personalities, they discovered that the girl was split into two identical personalities one whose complete happy and just complete normal but the other side to her azumi is completely insane and crazy this version of herself is cruel and heartless and completely beserk which amelia is very similar to Tara's personality in Soul Calibur which Tara has two split personalities one is jolly and one is completely gloomy and also she is very similar to dark Sonic in Sonic X when Sonic went completely berserk and ballistic she could consider be similar to Mike's multiple personality mal from Total Drama however this personality does not know if she has real human emotions or not, however this dark side of her considers her emotions which desires of hatred,rage And negativity Once this personality has rise nikki will no longer gain control of herself When she becomes her malevolent dark half azumi

the dark version of herself first appearance when Sonic cut himself by accident. this caused the emergence of the dark side of herself. Finally contacting her original self telling her she is the dark hatred of herself which managed to control the girl but was ambushed and disappeared. She appears again when nikki finds out that she was actually a Dhamphire (half vampire) which the girl went beserk again. Azumi/Nikki became very upset at Eggman for lying.

powers and abilitiesEdit

Because she was sired by Paul her grandfather. Nikki is capable to resolve in her respectable age, nikki's vampire abilities are much strong than most of vampires, and becomes significantly stronger after the consumption from her parents. She is also great with fighting skills,and it shows she like to train alot from her parents side.


  • Superhuman Strength

As a Hybrid Nikki can use super strength or strength When The full moon will boost her strength and so will intense feelings of anger when she becomes Amelia her martial arts skills will help her improve her super strength.

  • Blood

As a dhampir vampires need blood in order to survive without blood vampires can die off of thirst Nikki drinks blood to improve her abilities to make her grow stronger which however if it does not taste right it could affect her speed and abilities making her weak but not all the way.

  • Superhuman Healing

as a dhampir she could held up as twice as fast the other vampires can which she can heal herself twice and quicker than them but which can protect herself when she's in danger.

  • Superhuman Agility

nikki is able to perform athletic moves, such as doing a back-flip into a hole in a bridge, and leaping from tree to tree in an instant. In the darkness chapters, she can jump high as well she can changes her speed if she want to as well If it really necessary.

  • Telekinesis - nikki could freeze and move objects with her mind.
  • Teleportation: Nikko can teleport anywhere she wants and from anywhere.

Hypnosis: nikki had the ability to hypnotize almost anyone as long as they looked into her eyes. This factors well into her combat skills as she can simply hypnotize her opponent and get them to do the fighting for her instead of her having to do anything and getting anything she wants.


Nikki the have some weakness which sometimes it can hurt her from time to time which can also be her into insanity which there are also other witnesses that can easily bring her down.

  • Garlic

As a half-vampire garlic is Nikki weakness which she is consider Half Nikki became exhausted from the smell she can easy be hurt by it

Silver - Like werewolves, nikki are severely allergic to silver. The metal can burn their skin on contact and can cut through their flesh even easier than iron.

  • sunlight

As Being a Dhampir, nikki can be hurt or damaged by sunlight to a certain degree, unlike most vampires who burn to ashes within it's presence almost instantly. But she can't withstand it for a long period of time, as when the sun's rays touches her skin, it burns her, causing smoke to evaporate off her skin with sunblock however she can avoid sunlight by using a Daywalking amulet which can avoid her form getting hurt in the Sun which also allow her to walk during daylight.

  • Holy Water

As a Dhampir Nikki cannot withstand pure saltwater for a long period of time as it will burn her like acid as zavok throw water at her left cheek as they was fighting against his team.

  • Excess blood: if Nikki drinks too much blood, she will display alcohol intoxication-like qualities (such as euphoria, confusion, stupor, etc).
  • Exsanguination: If a vampire is completely drained of their blood, they can become comatose, and eventually perish.

Magic: Vampires have no particular resistance to the effects of magic, and are vulnerable to necromancy in particular, due to the fact that they are technically dead.

Relationships (Archie Timeline) Romance and Non-RomanceEdit

There are romance That Nikki did had In Sonics timeline but however there is a rival competition between her and Amy For sonic's love which is very consider similar situations Like sakura and ino from Naruto when they both ended their friendship for having the same attraction in the same guy Sasuke Uchiha. But her relationships are non-romance relationship like scourge which they both have a flirtatious partnership and zonic ( which was a one sided crush when she was in zonic prison)

sonic the hedgehog (love interest)Edit

File:F9ea3e6514efad0ac2ebda3c3b842e59-d9mwltd.png Nikki and sonic are good friends and care about each other after saveing her she became freinds with him and became interested and attracted to sonic but however she finds out that amy has the same interest in him which she end her friendship and become rivals for sonic love however she easy attacks him she sometimes call him cute from time from times after she she joined the freedom fighters as a spy from time from times even she grew a bit jealous of sonics girlfriend fiona fox until she finds out that Fiona never had feelings for Sonic only for scourge from their whole entire relationship until tails told Amy that Fiona has been cheating on sonic but ended up double crossing them after joining scourge team she still becomes attracted to sonic just to make Amy upset maybe sonic has feelings for nikki return she Seems to ask him how about a kiss in returned when she help Amy when she's not evil Or doing evil things.

but in another dimensional timeline which leads her to her dimension timeline trying to find her parents and figure it out what is going on she was forced to kill sonic by force which she didn't want to because her love for sonic had broke her to reality as knuckles watch the girl suffer to death As the girl now has Re-woken and Re-waken her demotic And insane malevolent dark side to her personality Azumi who managed broke free from her prison and took control of her original self again

Non-Romantic RelationshipEdit

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

Nikki and shadow didnt have a better start at all however she only flirt with him just to get the Master Emeralds from him as she yells at him for calling sonic a faker she may be mutual attraction to him but the relationship working together is yet unknown she sometimes likes to help shadow but eventually likes to double cross him which considers why he calls her a cheater.

Scourge the HedgehogEdit

Nikki had been flirtatious attracted to the bad boy scourge Sonic evil Dimensional Counterpart after his transformation was done he also seems to be quite interesting in her after she escaped with him and with rouge after she broke up the partnership with him for months after working with him the two of them had a flirtatious business partnership as well however they became more interested in partnerships then flirty.

after months have passed of working together scourge given up his womanizing ways after he cheated on his ex's from the girls that he dated and start dating fiona fox sonic girlfriend from their whole entire relationship which she was expose by tails and amy she immediately double cross Amy and the freedom fighters as well to work with scourge.

after working in a new team she still become flirtatious attracted to him while he with fiona but after a while she stopped becoming interested in Him but sometimes she will only criticize him only for his temper for slapping fiona for almost being sent back to his time While she watches scourge asking sonic to join his request to rule the universe as kings but at the results of reject his offer which nikki tell scourge he made a huge mistake for rejecting his offer she also watches as scourge becomes Stalk by rosy the rascal however in the comics she is the anti version of Amy and is in love with Sonic's evil Countpart As it shows that he ran away from Rosy it also shows that she was trying to use the rings to make herself look older so he can notice her but at the end it made her go completely insane and crazy she Also even noticed that Rosy became very upset at him for leaving her hanging.

after being defeated by Sonic again she watch as scourge and sonic being stop by zonic cops where she flirt with zonic sonic (Cop Dimensional Counterpart) but zonic rejected her say he don't flirt with criminals which she didn't mind that she noticed that he had a Zonic collar On him when He was arrested after the rest of the team finds out that he's been arrested they had a plan to get them self court so they can find his location and break him out of prison.

After place in prison to find where his location was at she laughed and insulted him as he was getting bullied by other jail inmates and took a quite enjoy watching him as he yell at fiona for leaving and left him hanging she also insulted Fiona tell her why her boyfriend was yelling at her.

she asked him why was he getting so weak cause the zonic Control Collar was attached to him she tells scourge he needs to have his own team after seeing him go back to his old self ruby ask nikki what guys do she like (she mentioned she like bad boys like scourge but sometimes good guys like sonic) after the jail went madness and insane her and scourge and his team escape from jail which they have big plans to get their revenge on Sonics as to this day Nikki and scourge flirtatious relationship and partnership status is unknown to this day which however scourge still becomes more attracted To her but still remain as friends.

Zonic The Zone CopEdit


After scourge and sonic was stop by the zone cops she flirt with zonic his cop Dimensional Counterpart but he reject her after finding scourge location While they place there self's in jail she flirt with zonic calling him sonikku but rejects her again saying he don't flirt with criminals which she don't mind she sometimes takes his keys to make him find her location (only just to seduce him to get information to free scourge) but he continues to rejects her but he still gave respect to her say that she one of his favorite female inmates after she left prison she sees to forgot all about him.

Sergeant SimianEdit

Sergeant Simian

Simian is part of Scourge team which both of them did had a on and off start When he first met her he flirted with her which the results of getting a beatdown however Scourge warned him about her attitude ( her hot temper) which she calls her by the nickname hothead and likes a woman in charge which he protects her most of the time after they place themselves while in prison he seems to protect her since he knows that she and Fiona are the only females in the team doing the basketball court he seems to keep her company but only have a friendly conversation after the whole prison went to madness he seems that the both of them have respect for each other which he becomes more impressive for martial arts skills from her which he enjoys having her as her personal fighter and bodyguard.

Amy Rose Edit

Nikki and amy were best of friends which almost considered themselves as dating after sonic save her and amy then became physical in love with sonic but finding out that Nikki had the same crush on sonic asking amy do she had the same crush on sonic which ended their friendship and became rivals similar to sakura and ino friendship

nikki despise amy affection for sonic as months went by nikki grow bitter icy cold and heartless towards amy calls her a weakling and a lil brat and attack her heartless tell her she wishes she never been friends with her in the first place assault and mocks her That sonic will never ever date you because of how much she "hate" her. nikki sill becomes more heartless to amy wishing the girl was dead.

Amy eventually find out that she was actually a double crosser which also reveals that she was working with scourge Sonic's evil Countpart the whole entire time which after tails told amy that Fiona Fox cheated on Sonic with scourge as well during their whole entire relationship.

Nikki continues to hurt amy's feelings which she doesn't care about her but she did once when they were friends Now that there friendship continues to fall apart which means that their friendship could never be rebuilt but however Nikki shows to miss amy but while talking to azumi it shows she never hate amy at all shows she still cares about amy.

Fiona FoxEdit

Fiona is Nikki friend the both of them first met each other when they was on the freedom fighters side Which her and fiona becomes friends and helping each other and having there back for each other until both of them did not know that they had different dark pasts in life which however is very similar to each other's history

however she grew jealous that fiona was dating the blue handsome hero wanted her dead but however after tails told Amy what she was doing behind sonic back realizing she never had any feelings for him until she find out that Fiona been cheating on Sonic with scourge during their whole entire relationship which the results of her breaking up with Sonic because she finds out that he was too vanilla for her taste and try to found the same attraction to him as well which the two of them double cross the freedom fighters and begin working with scourge.

she noticed that Nikki can be jealous which fiona to tease sonic during battles which caused Nikki to be jealous more for her to touch Sonic which she sometimes like to insult Fiona about scourge having a hot temper or yells at her for leaving him hanging they was in prison to rescue him but however Nikki likes to take fiona shopping on a girls day out as she thanks her for helping her bust scourge out from prison.

Rosy the RascalEdit

Nikki meets rosy Amy evil Countpart from a another timeline she insulted rosy for acting like a crazy stalker insanely version of Amy which rosy is in love with sonic evil Countpart to use the rings to make herself look older so he can notice her but at the end it makes her go insane rosy attack Nikki and Amy at the same time until she saw scourge blowing him kisses and becomes very angry at him for leavening her hanging but she was defeated at the end but in nikki case in the future which she lost complete control of herself And becomes insane.

Flying FrogEdit

Flying Frog

flying frog is part scourge team and teammate when he first saw Nikki he criticize her and insult her because of her aggressiveness which at the end of results of getting a beatdown however she dislikes him as well the fact that he's nothing but creepy which dismiss her

after they placed themself in jail so they can find scourge locations where he continues to insult her in front of other inmates and sometimes insult her of her seducing ways(but only to get what she wants).

after the escape from jail she was happy that she got her outfit and her appearances back but he told her that looks can be very deceitful when she told him that she Wouldn't mind To leave him there for the fishes to eat him.





  • sonic The Hedgehog ( love interest)
  • Shopping
  • Attention
  • Getting her way
  • Receiving compliments and gifts
  • Competitions
  • Plushies
  • Cuddling
  • Manipulating people to get what she wants


  • Most women
  • Being insulted
  • Boredom
  • Being underestimated
  • Reverse psychology
  • Being ignored
  • Bizzeh’s food
  • Being “squeezed” too tightly
  • Being stepped
  • landed on
  • going into insanity

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