Mugara the WolfEditEdit

Full Name:Mugara Kasuga Kasis.





Clothes:School uniform;in school. Nun habit or red t-shirt,red sweatpants and red sneakers:not in school.

Favorite Food:Donuts.

Favorite Color:Red.

Favorite Song:Obsessed by Mariah Carey

Favorite T.V. Show:Doctor Who.

Favorite Sports:Volleyball and Track running.

Favorite Book:Hunger Games;Catching Fire.

Favorite Movie:Serenity.

Favorite Video Game:Mario and Sonic series.


Birthday:August 4.

Theme Song:Shadow by Demi Lovato

Voice Actress:Wendy Powell (2013)

Seiyu:Eri Sendai (2013)



Love Interest:Blake.

Relationship:Blake (partner)

Friends:her calls,Blake,Anja,Onychinus.

Rivals:Destiny and Morpheus.

Enemies:Kannada,Nara and Ayaka.

Abilities:Singing and dancing.

Special Abilities:Thanks to a contract with Blake,Mugara can turn into one of three forms.



Cosplay:Dressed like a nun,<she carries a mysterious giant ancient watch with the letters written in roman numerals. It is tied around from her waist to her back. She also holds a rosary. The watch allows her to slow down or speed up time and the rosary allows her to weaken evil energy.

Armor:Dressed as a marathoner ith a sash and a relay baton. She wears a pair of sneakers that allow her to move fast.<

Weaknesses:Plastic,rain and for soe odd reason:bunnies.

PersonalityPenchant for mischief and lazy.

Likes:her friends,running nand working at the local church.

Dislikes:Evil,bunnies and anyone who hates running.

Ability Type:Suka:Agility, Cosplay:Support. Armor;Speed.

Hair Color:Grey.

Hair Style:Short anf fuzzy.

Fur Color:Tan.

Eye Color:Grey-Green.

Height:4' 5"


Appearance:She is wide eyed and her tail is bushy,

Sexual Preference:Straight.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:0

Other Info:She is a nun in training, which is why she is the most reglious of her class.


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