Makoto the SquirrelEditEdit

Full Name:Nicky Makoto Nanaya.





Clothes:Orange undershirt,Orange Jeans,Orange Sneakers with Orange and Black socks,Orange fighting gloves.

Favorite Food:Acorn.

Favorite Color:Orange.

Favorite Song:one of my songs:Shade and Sunshine.

Favorite T.V. Show:The Chriss and Cross Show.

Favorite Sport:Archery.

Favorite Book:A Princess's Knight.

Favorite Movie:Sonic High School the Movie 2:Round the World in 80 Battles.

Weapon:Two fighting gloves with two over-sized steel and pointed crosses attached.

Birthday:August 18th.

Theme Song:We love to Party by the Caramella Girls

Voice Actors:Kate Higgins (2011-2013) Troy Baker (2013).

Seiyu:Tomomi Isomura.

Accent:slightly New Yorker.




Bicky:Little Sister.

Kicky:Little Brother.

Micky and Wicky:Younger Twin Brother and Sister.

Zicky:Baby Sister.

Love Interest:Hanabi.

Relationship:Hanabi (Girl-Friend).

Friends:Neol,Subaki and Carly.



Abilities:Super Strong and Cooking.

Special Abilities:Super Speed,Move Prediction,and,Radar Hearing.

Weaknesses:the only thing he's weak to is:Sonic.

Personality:Goofy and Playful one moment,then serious and eager to fight the next,overall:Kind.

Likes:School,Fighting,Singing and hanging with Neol and Subaki.

Dislikes:Sonic,they're not on good terms,since Sonic scared him up a tree,Josh,no reason,and Nikki,for having the same name and species as him,yes Makoto realizes that's a dumb reason,but he doesn't care.

Ability Type:Speed.

Hair Color:Brown with White under-neath.

Hair Style:Short and Bushy

Fur Color:He looks mostly human so he only has fur on his Ears and Tail.

Eye Color:Red.

Height:56 Cm.

Weight:34 Lbs.

Appearance:Since his kin has grown over many years,he pretty much resembles a human except for his obvious Tail and Ears.But he is 100% pure Squirrel.

Sexual Preference:Straight.

Super Forms:None.

Teams:Team Blue Knight with Neol and Subaki.

Number of Video Game Appearances:1

Video Game Appearance:

Sonic College:Fight Club President and Unlockable Play-able character.

Other Info:For a year now he and his family have been poor so to keep them alive and well,he does everything from being a waiter to fighting in tourneys to support his family.

Chao:None,though he would like to be friends with one.

Notable QuotesEditEdit

Before fighting someone,1.The heavens,stars and a thousand squirrels call out to me,what,they don't?

When taunting somone,2.Wanna pet my Tail?

After beating someone,3.*Yawn* Now i'm hungry.

While climbing a tree,4.Ok you tree,cough up the nuts.


During a bath,5.Wash wash,scrub my tail,do it without any fail.

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