Layla the FoxEditEdit

Full Name:Layla Konoe Kanni.


Layla the Fox





Clothes:School Uniform:In school. White light sweater. Blue jean skirt. And blue and white sneakers with white socks:Not in school.

Favorite Food:Cornbread.

Favorite Color:She doesn't have one.

Favorite Song:Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift

Favorite T.V. Show:Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger.

Favorite Sport:Volleyball and Tennis.

Favorite Book:Cat in the Hat.

Favorite Movie:Thor.

Favorite Video Game:Zombie Rider.


Birthday:November 18.

Theme Song:One of my own:Child's Growth.

Voice Actress:Monica Rial (2013)

Seiyu:Ai Nonoka (2013)



Grandmaster Kanni;Grand-father.

Blake;Future Husband

Marley;Future Daughter.

Ethan;Future Grandson.

Love Interest:Blake.

Relationship:Blake (Crush,partner)

Friends:Chi,Aya,her class,Blake and Morpheus.

Rivals:Destiny and Onychinus.

Enemies:Nara,Ayaka and Kannada.

Abilities:Cooking,cleaning and fortune telling.

Special Abilities:She posses magic powers,but they are hidden until she needs to use them.Also thanks to a contract with Blake:Layla can turn into one of three forms.



Cosplay:Dressed in a fancy kimono, she attacks by spouting water from the two paper fans she carries.

Armor:She is dressed in the kimono from her Cosplay form,but has metal accents located on the sleeves,troughtout her pants and on the soles of her sandals. Her weapons are a set of self-extending chopstciks that she can use as a whip.

Weaknesses:Plastic,Starless nights and all kinds of bugs,

Personality:Cheerful and caring. Mother-figure and oblvious to most things.

Likes:Fortune telling,food,school anhd her friends.

Dislikes:When she doesn't get something,when people are being pushed around and when she gets hurt.

Ability Type:Suka:Agility, Cosplay;Support. Armor:Support.

Hair Color:Brown.

Hair Style:Long.

Fur Color:Golden Yellow.

Eye Color:Purple.

Height:5' 1"

Weight:58 lbs.

Appearance:Her long hair reaches down to her ankle.

Sexual Preference:Straight.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:0.

Other Info:Her dormant magical powers make her a target for all kinds of evil. Also,she seems to not notice Aya's crush on her.She has a genderbent version of herself:Lay.


Genderbent Layla:Lay