aito the LynxEditEdit

Full Name:Kaito





Clothes:Light Blue shirt,White and Blue long jacket,and Brown pants

Favorite Food:Okonomiyak

Favorite Color:Blue

Favorite Song:All-American Girl by Carrie Underwood

Favorite T.V. Show:The Soul Man

Favorite Sport:Soccer

Favorite Book:The Giving Tree

Favorite Movie:The Avengers

Weapon:His Guitar

Birthday:May 14th.

Theme Song:Discotheque by Nana Mizuki

Voice Actors:Me

Seiyu:Daisuke Kishio

Accent::Burly English




Love Interest:Hatsune

Relationship:None at the moment



Enemies:Eggman and Black Doom

Abilities:Singing and Dancing

Special Abilities:He can use his guitar for flying

Personality:He;s a cool loner

Likes:Guitar,Singing,Dancing,and Hanging with his friends

Dislikes:Silence and Being embarrassed

Ability Type:Speed

Hair Color:Blue

Hair Style:Short and Messy,but still kind of tidy

Fur Color:White

Eye Color:Blue

Height:About 6 feet give or take

Weight:99 Lbs

Appearance:He's based of Vocaloid Kaito,so picture him for appearance

Sexual Preference:Straight

Super Forms:None

Teams:None right now

Number of Video Game Appearances:1

Video Game Appearance:Sonic vs, Vocaloid (Vocaloid Kaito's Rival)

Other Info:He has a crush on Hatsune the Cat but is too shy to say it that or is too cool,and,  he has different skins for his guitar


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