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bio Edit

name: Gavin "core cube keeper" Jacobson

age: 18

born: july 8, 1997

type: speed

occupation: core cube guardian

friends in Mobius: (add your character here if your character has met this character)

friends in planet cubetopia: (none so far)

neutral: (add your character here if your character has met this character)

rival: (thinking for one) (add your character here if your character has met this character)

enemy: doctor coratin

Home Planet: Cortopia (Formally), Mobius (Currently)

family members:

  • mother: (unknown and deceased)
  • father: (unknown and deceased)
  • brother: (none)
  • sister: (none)

backstory Edit

Gavin was originally a human on earth living life as a normal teenager, on a Monday, he was on a bus heading home until, what it seems to be a asteroid, destroyed the bus while he was in it, he was still alive after the bus was destroyed but everyone else died in the crash, but he realized it was not an asteroid, it was a spaceship from a different world, they called for him to help their planet, as they saw he survived the crash, he agreed and went on the ship, as he entered their atmosphere he started to feel a transformation from his body, he started becoming a mobian like mongoose as he enter their space system, he saw their planet and began a decent to the planet called cubetopia, as he set forth on their planet, they greeted him and they walked him to the council chambers, granting him the right to guard the kore kubes from evil, he was then sent to protect them.

Relationships Edit

  • Sana the Fox - Current

abilities Edit

core blast

this is similar to chaos blast but instead of using chaos energy it uses the core cube elements

core control

this is only accessible using the cosmic core cube; unlike chaos control this does not allow Gavin to slow down time instead he can only teleport

core upgrade

this is how Gavin transforms, once a core cube is obtained he can say "core upgrade" to gain that core element

core barrage

this is a energy barrage using the core cube's energy

super speed

he can go as fast as sonic, but can't use his other moves

skills Edit

marshal arts expert

he can use hand to hand combat to his advantage


he is able to weld a sword or swords

element user

can obtain elements using the core cubes

core cube guardian master

he is a professional at protecting the core cubes

gallery Edit