Blood the EdgeEditEdit

Real Name:Rana.

Full Name:Rana Duclis.




Alignment:Neutral/Chaotic Good.

Clothes:Red Jacket with 5 buckles;for show,Black and White Battle Top,Black Jeans,Black Gloves,Red boots.

Favorite Food:Sushi,cooked.

Favorite Color:Black.

Favorite Song:Oppq just my Style by Psy ft HyunA

Favorite T.V. Show:This Moment in History.

Favorite Sport:Kendo

Favorite Book:The Thrill of the Chase.

Favorite Movie:Any Inuyasha Movie.


Birthday:December 4th.

Theme Song:Another one of my own songs:Blood is thicker than Water.

Voice Actors:Chrisitna Vee.

Seiyu:Chiwa Saito.





Love Interest:Neol.


Friends:Only one and he's barely a friend:Yao.

Rivals:Aya and Knuckles.


Abilities:Fighting and Cleaning.

Special Abilities:Extra Endurance.


Personality:She can rough on the edges and selfish,but when prompted to,shows a caring side that's still a little thick-headed.


Dislikes:Everyone mentioned in Rivals and Enemies,plus night-time,for that's when her child-hood memories start coming back to her.

Ability Type:Power.

Hair Color:White.

Skin Color:Pale Tan.

Eye Color:One eye is Red,the other is Green,reason for this is currently unknown.

Height:Very tall for someone of her species:at 78 Cm.

Weight:Butt out.

Appearance:When she was little she lost her left arm,so it has been replaced by the guard of her Sword.

Sexual Preference:Unknown but presumed Straight.

Super Forms:Unlimited-Blood,nothing changes except a strange red auras surrounds her.


Number of Video Game Appearances:2

Video Game Appearances:

Sonic Sports Series:Baseball:Umpire #3,Basketball:Ref #5,Hockey:Leader of Team Edges,Hockey:Goalie for Team Blood,Volleyball:Ball Girl #8,and,Football:Commentator #2.


Amy's Design's:Model for Fighting Wear and Customer #1 for Non-Stop Sale Mode.

Other Info:When she was little,her house burned down,her sister escaped,but their brother persumably was killed,now Blood is searching for answers.

Chao:Doesn't have time for one.

Notable QuotesEditEdit

When arguing with Trinity or Rac,1.Your being an asshole,just shut your face.

While polishing her sword,2.There,who's my precious sword,you are,you are.

Before fighting,3.Your blood will be put to a good cause.


Afetr winning a fight,4.Get out of my sight.Edit

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