Aya the TanookiEditEdit

Full Name:Aya Saragi Ki.



Age:19 and a half.


Clothes:Black dress with 2 stripes in a white,black,white pattern going diagonally down her dress,Black inner top with short sleeves.White gloves,a Blue cape,Black stockings,and,Blue heels.

Favorite Food:Peppermint Candy.

Favorite Color:Blue.

Favorite Song:Gangnam Style by Psy

Favorite T.V. Show:Teacher knows Best.

Favorite Sport:Kendo.

Favorite Book:Midnight Madness.

Favorite Movie:Twilight Babies.

Weapon:Sword known as the Ibukianesa.

Birthday:September 5th.

Theme Song:My own:Bad girls do Cry.

Voice Actress:Luci Christian (2013).

Seiyu:Asami Imai.

Accent:Subtly Smooth.




Love Interest:Neol.



Rivals:Blood,Blaze and Marine.

Enemies:Kazama and Knuckles


Special Abilities:She can turn anything into ice using her sword,also she manipulate any ice she creates.


Personality:At first glance she seems like a loner and cruel but that all changes when she sees Blood,when that happens she turns into the Stalker Fan-girl type.

Likes:Her sister,Polishing her sword and her favorite candy:Peppermint.

Dislikes:Her sister,Getting her hands dirty and,Having to sit still for long.

Ability Type:Aglity and Power.

Hair Color:Platinum-Blonde,though could be fake since her sister has White hair and her brother had Purple hair.

Hair Style:Long and tied in two Ox Horns.

Skin Color:Beige.

Eye Color:Emerald Green.

Height:71 Cm.

Weight:She;s nit telling unless you wanna die.

Appearance:Nothing looks odd or special except for when she gets excited or is around Blood,her eyes' iris turn into hearts.

Sexual Preference:Hard to tell but last time it was checked it was Bi.

Super Forms:Unlimited-Aya,nothing changes except she gains an aura that matches her eye color.

Teams:Team Blue Knight:Reserve Memeber.

Number of Video Game Appearances:6.

Video Game Appearances:

Sonic's Gotta Catch em All:Professor Maple.

Angel Island News: Ground Reporter.

Learn about the Sword:Student and guide on Sword Polishing.

Vocaloid and Sonic Reunite:Costume for Vocaloid Rin.

Cream's Babysitting Adventures:High School Student # 2.


Charmy's Color Craze:Secondary Color Expert and Store Clerk.

Other Info:She escaped a deadly fire when she was younger and was entered into the Ki family,she soon graduated military school and is now the Captain of G.U.N's Undercover Unit known as the Eyes of Justice.

Chao:Bubbly,he's Sparking Blue with White eyes and angel wings.

Notable QuotesEditEdit

After coming across Blood and hugging her,1.Sister,I missed you,let's play.


After winning a fight,2.Your existence is a waste of my time