Aso the ButterflyEditEdit

Full Name:Aso Izumi Jogia.





Clothes:School uniform:in school. White tube top,grey skirt and silver flats:not in school.

Favorite Food:Salad,

Favorite Color:Anything that's shaded white.

Favorite Song:Made in the USA by Demi Lavato.

Favorite Tv Show:Untold stories of the E.R.

Favorite Sports:Volleyball and soccer.

Favorite Book:A medics Guide.

Favorite Movie:Sonic Ova.

Favorite Video Game:Popotan.


Birthday:April 21.

Theme Song:My own:Let me heal You.

Voice Actress:Avery-Rice Williams (2103)

Seiyu:Yayoi Junguji (2013)



Love Interest:Blake.

Relationship:Blake (partner)

Friends:All of her class,Anja,Hannah,Destiny,Onychinus and Morpheus.


Enemies:Kannada,Nara and Ayaaka.

Abilities:She is an expert medic,able to heal a lot of conditions.

Special Ability:Thanks to a contract with Blake,Aso can turn into one of three forms.


Suka:Chicken Chick.

Cosplay:An overcautious nursing assistant wearing a jacket and a scarf over a soccer uniform and with a first-aid kit with a spout. Inside the kit is a giant band-aid that heals any wound instantly. She has a star painted on her right cheek and a clover on her right thigh. The pattern on her shorts also resembles the Teamgeist ball.

Armor:She is dressed in a blue nursing outfit with wings with a giant syringe which is her weapon.

Weaknesses:Plastic,over zealous Boys and Soccer.

Personality:She is kind,selfless and loves to help others.

Likes:Medical stuff,her friends and Blake.

Dislikes:Blood,Evil and when Chi or Yolei annoy her.

Ability Type:Suka:Agility, Cosplay:Support, Armor:Flight.

Hair Color:Silver-Blue.

Hair Style:Short.

Fur Color:Black.

Eye Color:Red-brown.

Height:5' 8"


Appearance:She has a huge scar on her back that has not been explained to anyone.

Sexual Preference:Straight.

Super Forms:None.


Number of Video Game Appearances:0.

Other Info:She is a nurse in training at the local hospital. Also,it's curious that she has chosen a medical career due to her fear of blood:she faints when she sees it.