Amy Rose-YEditEdit

Full Name:Amy Bhed Rose.





Clothes:Pink sleeveless crop top with Re shorts attached to half a skirt,skirt is in a dark Pink and Red striped pattern.And Black high boots.

Favorite Food:Grilled Octopus.

Favorite Colors:Pink and Red.

Favorite Song:What Can I Say? by Shaeliegh.

Favorite T.V. Show:Austin and Ally.

Favorite Sport:JoltBall,a combo or Soccer and Football while swimming in lava.

Favorite Book:Mina's Guide to Everything.

Favorite Movie:Meet the Millers.

Weapon:Twin Guns.

Birthday:June 8th.

Theme Song:Real Emotion by Koda Kumi.

Voice Actress:Hedy Burress.

Seiyu:Mayuko Aoki.

Accent:Calm and Gentle.


Legend Warrior Kyoshi:Dad.

Unknown Mother:Dead.

Cream-R for short:Cousin.

Love Interest:Sonic-Sq for short.


Friends:Cream-R,Rouge-P,Lara-Sel,Melody Prower-Se,Tikal-Pe,Marine-Yu,SonicSq,Miles "Tails" Prower-Cl,Knuckles-Tid and Big-Sn.

Rivals:Fiona-Lu,Julie-As,Sally Acorn-Fr,Tiara Boobowski-Li,Maria Robotnik-Ti,Princes Elise-A,Honey-Qu,Blaze-Ri and Shadow-Va.


Abilities:Singng,Dancing and Treasure Hunting.

Special Abilities:She can summon beings called Spirits to help her with her missions.

Weaknesses:Thinking of Sonic,Being with Cream and Rouge and Treasure.

Personality:Kind-hearted,loyal,honest and polite.Naive,always believes in th best of peopleand puts other's needs for her own.Hides her fears and sadness well.

Likes:Singng,Dancing,Treasure Hunting,Flying on the airship and being with Sonic.

Dislikes:Evil,Boredem,Failed missions and Very big bugs.

Ability Type:Speed and Support.

Hair Color:Brown.

Hair Style:Shoulder-length.

Fur Color:Tan and Pink.

Eye Color:Blue:Left eye.Green:Right Eye.

Height:5' 3"


Appearance:She has one green eye and one blue eye,which came from her heritage.

Sexual Preference:Straight.

Super Forms:None.

Teams:The Spirawings.

Number of Video Game Appearances:3.

Video Game Appearances:

Sonic meets Final Fantasy:Rival to Yuna and Playable Character.

Spirawings:Leader and Gun wielder.


Spira Live:Head Judge and host.

Other Info:She is travelling with her team in search of Spheres.Also she is from an alternate dimension to Mobius called Spria where all it's residents are as tall as humans.


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